Research Partners

McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Pitt’s McGowan Institute serves as a single base of operations for Pitt scientists doing research on tissue engineering, cellular therapies, and artificial and biohybrid organ devices. McGowan Institute personnel develop innovative research protocols, pursue rapid commercial transfer of technologies, and educate and train the next generation of scientists, clinicians, and engineers in regenerative medicine.

Safar Center for Resuscitation Research

The University's Safar Center, named for Pitt anesthesiologist and "Father of CPR" Peter Safar (pictured at left), identifies and promotes ever-improving methods of preventing premature death and reducing associated disability from trauma and cardiac arrest, while also providing training to future resuscitation researchers.

Center for Cellular and Molecular Engineering (CCME)

The Pitt School of Medicine’s CCME is an interdisciplinary center that integrates cellular, molecular, and engineering principles to understand tissue development and function and to create regenerative therapies for the treatment of diseases and injuries.

UPMC Center for Innovation in Restorative Medicine (CIRM)

In collaboration with the McGowan Institute and Pitt, experts at CIRM develop new regenerative-medicine technologies and treatments for people suffering from head and facial injuries, scarring from burns, pain from amputation, and limb and muscle loss.

Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC)

A joint venture of Pitt and Carnegie Mellon University, CNBC leverages Pitt’s strengths in basic and clinical neuroscience and those of Carnegie Mellon in cognitive and computational neuroscience to investigate the cognitive and neural mechanisms that give rise to biological intelligence and behavior.

Pitt-UPMC Center for Assistive Technology (CAT)

Clinicians and other faculty members at CAT collaborate on research that leads to closer links between rehabilitation science and user-friendly assistive technology.